An open space for collective change.
An epicenter for self-empowered culture.

Permavillage, Mont-Soleil, Switzerland

An epicenter for self-empowered culture

At the Décentrale property on Mont-Soleil, Switzerland, we create a collaborative space for all the people that already are or want to become changemakers for radically innovative approaches to current and future challenges in society.

We strive to apply permaculture design principles to all aspects of life and transform society towards a collaborative, self-empowered culture. Through self-organisation, we reduce our reliance on the current institutions and create resilient, abundant community.

Five focus areas that projects we are currently initiating revolve around



Gatherings raising awareness of existing consensus and synergies in participants.


Collaboration Space

Collaboration space, offering support to help each other accomplish our projects.


Best Practices

Curate, apply and share best practices for a collaborative, self-empowered culture.



Media projects that collect and disseminate information about related developments.



Nurture the emergence of neighbourhood activities towards a permaculture village.


Permaculture Design Principles

Most importantly, in all these initiatives, we embrace permaculture principles and the natural flow, and we care for the relationship to ourselves, our body and the personal interactions of the people involved.

  • Permaculture and Permavillage

    The group “jardin” is progressing towards a permaculture project on and in the proximity of the property.

    A group of people is involved with the neighbourhood and the commune to develop the future direction of Mont-Soleil, including its spatial planning.

  • Share, collect and exchange

    A growing group of people that come back to stay on Mont-Soleil for a few weeks every few months and travel into the world to participate in other projects, help cross-pollinating and building our network.

    Throughout the network of organisations and people connected with the aim of our projects, we share, collect and exchange related information. With our radio, we spread collected news reports along with the soundtrack of our emerging new culture.

  • Co-working Space, social media, fab lab

    We provide a venue for gatherings and a co-working space and incubation hub for socioeconomic projects.

    The civil tech group works on open, secure and decentralized social media infrastructure.

    We intend to install a fab lab, capable of 3D-printing, CNC-milling and laser-cutting as part of our shared workshop.

  • Collaborative, self-learning experiences

    We create an exchange to teach each other new skills and develop talents. The bodywork group is exchanging techniques and practices for us to better take care of ourselves and others.

    We foster open-minded schooling that encourages self-learning experiences, for children and for adults. A group is creating a board game based on collaborative culture.

  • Tiny houses, energy concepts

    We plan to construct a series of various types of tiny houses in different places on the property.

    In these tiny houses and when renovating the main house, we experiment and gain experience with radically different heating and energy concepts, which might spur the creation of a worker’s cooperative active in these fields.

Innovating Socioeconomic Concepts

In the context of the concepts of all these projects, we develop new socioeconomic systems and plan to introduce an innovative new alternative currency.

Best practices that are successfully being used in other projects and communities around the world, we combine, evolve and contribute to a growing commons.

And throughout the projects, we introduce open source culture and encourage the prix-libre principle.


Growing herbs


Inspiration workshop


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